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Founded in 2008, Cammus is a high-tech innovative industry integrating the R&D, manufacturing, sales and high-end services of electric supercar, electric kart, high-performance components, and insists on the outstanding charm of interpreting racing culture. Adopting the core mystery of leading three-electric technology inherited from TITAN.


Cammus has its own R&D center, sales center and production factory. There are nearly 100 senior engineers and industry elites engaged in automotive engineering technology research and development.


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The professional scope covers powertrain, frame construction, chassis design, automotive independent research and design, software development, hardware development, mechanical and electronic engineering, mechanical design and theory, computer, electronic technology, measurement technology, design and manufacturing technology engineering and other fields. Professional product designers, professional sales and technical teams provide customers with excellent products and good technical support, which have become a strong backing for the Guangzhou branch international sales center, providing one-stop solutions for pre-sales and after-sales services.


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In addition, we has more than 3000 agents in China. In the passed few years, we have more than 500,000 auto fans and customers all over the world. At the beginning of our company establishment, we never thought that Cammus would have more than 100,000 car enthusiasts and satisfied customers. Now we add 100,000 new users every year and support more than 3,000 car models, the numbers continue to grow.


With "high-tech, high-precision, high-quality, high-quality" brand services, based on the auto parts market, it has become a benchmark enterprise in the auto after-sales industry.



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- Because of the electronic throttle accelerator was well received in the car enthusiasts, and the company was established under the leadership of Hu Jian.
- Cammus Electronic Technology Company was formally established in Shenzhen.

- Participated in the 9th Guangzhou International auto tuning Exhibition.
- Sponsor the second Track Carnival of Le Speedway in 2013.
- Upgrade the Feng Xiang 9-Mode ultra thin throttle Controller, its thickness only 6mm, it is the thinnest throttle controller in the world.

Fengxiang pure electric supercar powertrain and E86 debut at the 11th Shenzhen International Modification Exhibition
- The first phase of the E86 road test was successful, with a top speed of 80km/h.
- Participated in the 13th Guangzhou International Automobile Modification Exhibition.
- Participated in the 19th Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao International Auto Show.

- RACE TURBO Throttle Controller was launched
- GTS competitive version throttle controller, EVC-S intelligent driving controller launched
- Participated in the 8th CAS Modified Auto Show in Shanghai.
- Gesture recognition smart driving controller and Bluetooth APP smart driving controller were launched
- Engine computer and i-Round LCD meter launched

- The electronic accelerator was upgraded to a throttle controller and an OBD multi-functional racing gauge was developed.
- The product line of Cammus is diversified, we has developed engine computer, Toyota Reiz engine computer, fish-eye control arm, carbon fiber top bar and other products.
- Cammus worked with different racers and won the second in Pearl River Racing Spring Season.

- Participated in the 10th Guangzhou International Auto tuning Exhibition.
- Feng Xiang officially launched the pure electric supercar Titan project.
- Sponsor the 2014 DISCOVER Integral track Carnival.
- Dual function racing gauge, titanium alloy exhaust pipe on launched the market.
- EVC intelligent driving controller, TOUCH+ intelligent driving controller comes to market.
- 9-Mode 2S Intelligent Driving controller is available

- Fengxiang pure electric super car was launched at the Auto tuning Exhibition in Shenzhen.
- Establishment of children's electric sports car project.- -Establishment of electric GO kart project.
- Feng Xiang Automobile signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangxi Boshi International Auto City.

Amplifier audio, the new 480 single and dual function LCD instrument, the new 480 PRO multi-function LCD instrument, and the Bluetooth battery detection APP were launched.
- Participated in the 2020 Dongguan Yasen AIT Modified Auto Show and achieved outstanding results.



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No. of Employees : >100

Annual Sales : 2, 000, 000-2, 500, 000

Year Established : 2008

Export p.c : 80% - 90%


Our Products Have Passed Many Certificates.

China Shenzhen Cammus Electroinc Technology Co., Ltd Certification China Shenzhen Cammus Electroinc Technology Co., Ltd Certification China Shenzhen Cammus Electroinc Technology Co., Ltd Certification China Shenzhen Cammus Electroinc Technology Co., Ltd Certification